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SMS is at the forefront of 3D laser scanning, setting new standards for innovation and leadership in the field. Our global footprint spans diverse industries, as we bring our laser scanning expertise to clients around the world. With an extensive track record of digitizing hundreds of millions of square feet in factories, facilities, and civil infrastructure, our deliverables stand as a testament to their reliability.

Through the integration of scan data into a unified point cloud, we facilitate the creation of precise as-built conditions and virtual job sites, among other applications. Our dedicated scanning technicians collaborate closely with clients, tailoring deliverables to enhance the design, planning, and execution phases of any construction project. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and support for every project we undertake.

In contrast to traditional verification methods, which can introduce inaccuracies and inefficiencies, 3D laser scanning offers a rapid and precise means of capturing as-built data. Moreover, the point cloud data seamlessly integrates into leading BIM software platforms like Revit, Autocad, and Navisworks.

By harnessing the power of laser scanning, we expedite data collection while ensuring accuracy, all without the need for return visits to the project site. Experience the future of construction data acquisition with SMS.

Site Management System is a services company that provides:

  • Reality Capture, long range laser scanning

  • Physical to virtual site coordination

  • Scan to BIM, Building Information Modeling

  • Scan to FIM, Factory Information Modeling

  • 3d Modeling

    • Revit, Inventor, Autocad, Solidworks

  • 2d modeling

  • Tool certification

  • Equipment line layout\Floor Layout

  • Drone scanning for interior to exterior coordination.

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